Electrotherapy - Exophthalmos Treatment :

Exophthalmos or (Graeves Ophthalmopathy) is associated with thyroid disease. If the thyroid disease is treated exophthalmos may improve. In certain cases, it remains unresolved and further treatment should be considered. However if left untreated it affect the optic nerve and might cause blindness .

Exophthalmos developes when orbital muscles becomes congested due to the accumulation of tissue fluids causing them to enlarge and push the eye ball forwards.. If the condition did not resolve spontaneously, treatment with steroids, surgery or radiotherapy should be considered. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Some patients may not respond to any of these treatments.

The use of electrotherapy (1), has been found to be very effective in the treatment of this condition. It is simple without any side effects.

The treatment:

The treatment which is invented by Dr Omar Fakhri and using his own devices and published in international ophthalmology involves passage of mild electrical current from a special device through the temples for 15-30 minutes in each session. The treatment is repeated every other day for 3-4 weeks. The passage of the electrical current improve the circulation and increase tissue permeability within the orbital muscles. This will cause absorption of the excess fluid from the congested orbital muscles and reduces its size to normal. The patient feels the benefits after the first session and continue to improve further until the treatment is completed.

During the treatment the patient does not feel any pain or discomfort.


Do you need to use any medication besides this treatment?

No medication is needed besides the treatment. Electrotherapy is effective without the need of any other medication. If the patient is using any medications for other reasons he can continue to use them without interference by electrotherapy.

Does the condition recur after stopping electrotherapy?

No it does not recur.

(1) Omar Fakhri, The use of low voltage electric therapy in the treatment of graeves Ophthalmopathy. International ophthalmology, 15: 201-203. 1991

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